Applying for Aid

How Do You Qualify for Legal Aid?
  • Applicants must live in Tippecanoe County and the legal problem must be in Tippecanoe County.
  • Applicants must meet economic requirements based on household size and weekly income.
  • In cases of divorce, one of the spouses must have lived in Indiana for at least 6 months and in Tippecanoe County for at least 3 months.
  How Do You Apply for Legal Assistance?
  • Fill out a Legal Aid application available at the Legal Aid office.
  • If you qualify for legal assistance, a member of the staff will contact you.
  • Schedule an appointment with a Legal Aid attorney to discuss your legal problem.
  How Much Does Legal Aid Cost?
  • THE CONSULTATION IS FREE. Although the legal representation is at no cost we are required to charge for the following:
  • COURT COSTS: State law requires the payment of court costs. The amount varies according to the situation.
  • PUBLICATION COSTS: Clients are also responsible for the cost of any legal notices which must be published in the newspaper. The cost for this varies with the situation.
There may be other costs depending on the situation.